Here//&Now is an intimate, webspace for digital mediation through prompted daily reflections.

There are no limits to re-entering the space for mindful practice.

Here//&Now’s intent is for its visitors to engage with the website by allotting for distraction-free time for each revisit.

Here//&Now holds no archive of its visitors' writings and supports local export of writings as a .html file.

As always, this space is coded delicately by hand.

Daily peace for you.


☁   ╱▔╲     ✮ ╱╲╱
  ╱   ╲     ╱   
╱▔     ╲  ╱▔    
A reflection awaits you,
Check-in to proceed:

I have silenced distractions.

I am present.

I am in a comforable writing position.

Are you ready to begin?